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New varieties

These are our newly bred varieties that are not yet released. They are identified using their provisional names or their selection numbers where names have not yet been considered. Click on the link to view details on:

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  • Blackberry
  • 86506G7
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  • Blackcurrants
  • Ben Vane 
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  • 9223-2

  • Blackcurrant selection S13/14/107 provisional name Ben Vane

    Parentage: (SCRI 240/18 x SCRI 243/7) x (Westra x SCRI 243/7. Breeder's number: S13/14/107 - provisional name Ben Vane.
    Flowering: Early flowering.
    Cropping season: Harvest date slightly earlier than Ben Lomond.
    Mechanical Harvesting: Good machine harvestability.
    Growth Habit: Slightly spreading habit, but good vigour. Has performed best in the west midlands growing area, where yields have given a 4-year average of 11.6 t/ha.
    Fruit Quality: Produces medium-sized berries with excellent juice yield. Low acidity, reasonably good ascorbic acid and Brix. Sensory characters give excellent profile.
    Disease and Pest Resistance: Resistant to mildew and leafspot.
    Other comments: Restricted to certain growers at present.

    New blackcurrant