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  • Raspberry selection 0123A7 Funded by the Scottish Raspberry Breeding Consortium

    Parentage: 9349A4 x 9046RA2
    Season: 00123A7 is an early-mid season summer fruiting raspberry which begins picking about 4-6 days before Glen Ample.
    Plant Habit: Primocane are spine-free with a very upright growth habit. Laterals present fruit well for hand picking.
    Fruit Quality: Fruit is bright, attractive, paler in colour than Glen Ample and has a similar conical shape to Tulameen. Flavour is sweet and aromatic.
    Fruit Size: Fruit size 4.7 - 5.1g
    Fruit Yield: Early observations of yield at SCRI indicate a more productive crop than Glen Ample.
    Pest and disease tolerance: Carries gene A10, conferring resistance to most strains of aphid virus vector Amphorophora idaei.

    New raspberry