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Glen Doll Funded by the Scottish Raspberry Breeding Consortium.

Parentage: Glen Rosa x 8605C-2
Season: Glen Doll is a late season selection and begins picking 5-7 days after Glen Ample and fruits into mid-August at SCRI.
Plant Habit: Primocane has low to moderate vigour. Canes are spine-free and upright. Fruiting laterals are long and strong and withstand machine harvesting.
Fruit Quality: Fruit is of moderate size, firm, globular in shape versus conical and bright red in colour. Quality and flavour are excellent. Glen Doll machine harvests very well with a consistent high yield, comparable with Glen Ample. The machine pick is of good quality with a high percentage of IQF fruit.
Fruit Size: 4.6 g / Brix %: 12.7
Yield: Yield: 6.2 T/Ha (Average yield data from trials at SCRI over five years from machine harvested plots (figures are extrapolated from a 20m row).
Pest and Disease Tolerance: Carries gene A10, conferring resistance to most strains of aphid virus vector Amphorophora idaei.

Glen Doll