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Raspberry varieties

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The Institute's raspberries are all named after Scottish valleys or glens, so you will find Glen Ample (the number one variety in the UK) and Glen Lyon (the number one variety in Spain) and Glen Doll that was released in 2006. The James Hutton Institute currently breeds raspberries for the Scottish Raspberry Breeding Consortium that includes growers, marketing organisations, and propagators involved in the UK raspberry industry with additional support from the Scottish Executive and the Horticultural Development Council.

Once promising genotypes are identified in the breeding programme, they are propagated for small trials on commercial farms in a diversity of sites and cropping systems. Here, they are evaluated for 2-3 years and valuable feedback is given on agronomy and harvesting in a commercial situation. There are several promising new selections currently under evaluation. Once a year the Scottish Society for Crop Research holds a 'Fruit Walk' when it is possible to see and taste new and developing varieties.

The picture below was taken on an SSCR Fruit Walk in 2005.

Fruit Walk 2005