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Ben Avon Currently restricted to certain growers (protected by EU Plant Variety Rights).

Parentage: Ben Alder x SCRI C2/1/62 (sister seedling of Ben Dorain) (Breeder's number - SCRI S26/1/1)
Flowering: Late flowering, slightly later than Ben Dorain.
Cropping season: Harvests 4-6 days after Ben Dorain. Has produced very high yields in trials (5.29 t/ha, 7-year mean), and was the highest yielding variety in commercial trials in Norfolk.
Mechanical Harvesting: Fully machine-harvestable.
Growth Habit: Similar to Ben Tirran, with large vigorous bushes.
Fruit Quality: Juice quality is good overall, with high levels of vitamin C. Berries are large (similar to Ben Lomond).
Disease and Pest Resistance: Pest/disease resistance - resistant to milder and leafspot. Susceptible to gall mite and reversion, although cropping is only slowly affected.
Other comments: Ben Avon (released 2003. Generally performs best in eastern and southern areas. Ben Avon is a replacement for Ben Alder in the UK.

Ben Avon