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Blackcurrant varieties

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Ben Tirran Currently restricted to certain growers (protected by Plant Variety Rights in the UK, Denmark, France and the Netherlands).

Parentage: Ben Lomond x [(Seabrooks Black x Amos Black) x (Seabrooks Black x Ribes sp)]
Flowering: 1 week later than Ben Lomond.
Cropping season: 3 to 7 days later than Ben Lomond.
Productivity: Yields are similar to Ben Alder and usually slightly below Ben Lomond but consistently and substantially above cv Baldwin.
Growth Habit: Reasonably upright with good vigour and ease of mechanical harvesting.
Fruit Quality: Similar to Ben Lomond and suitable for all processing requirements. Post-harvest deterioration of fruit is less than that of Ben Alder in some areas.
Disease and Pest Resistance: Mildew resistant, but susceptible to gall mite and leaf curling midge.

Ben Tirran