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Blackcurrant varieties

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Big Ben Currently licensed to Winterwood Farms.

Parentage: Complex cross involving (Goliath x Ojebyn) op, Ben Nevis and Vistavotnaja. Breeder's number - SCRI C2/15/40
Flowering: Flowers ca. 7 days prior to Ben Lomond.
Cropping season: Ripens in a similarly early season to Ben Gairn.
Mechanical Harvesting: Not suitable for mechanical harvesting.
Growth Habit: Spreading habit, although branches are fairly strong. Can be grown on wires in protected situations.
Fruit Quality: High Brix/acid ratios, from very large berries (usually > 2g). Yields are high, and the fruit is ideal for fresh consumption rather than juice processing.
Disease and Pest Resistance: Resistant to mildew and leafspot.
Other comments: Specialist variety for the fresh market.

Big Ben